• Papanui Club, Christchurch – A modern facility for members.

    Specs were involved in the design and implementation of the security and access control system for the new Papanui Club, Christchurch. It was designed to be functional as well as easy to use. The design of the building created challenges to designing a system that met the customer’s needs.

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  • High Definition (HD) CCTV footage vs old CCTV footage

    What are you missing, more clarity to see whats going on in your Business. We have run a simple test and posted old vs new CCTV video camera footage of a typical business premises to illustrate how better HD CCTV camera security can be. Take a look yourself and if you wish to ask further […]

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  • CCTV – Secure Camera Systems

    IP BASED, BEFORE INSTALLATION, CASE STUDY – CCTV NEWS THE IP BASED SECURITY REVOLUTION Security practices continue to evolve and change as technology, systems and threats change at an ever increasing pace. I have been working in law enforcement, crime prevention and security for just over 24 years and although I have been in the […]

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  • Servicing Maintenance

    Recent news article from ODT, Dunedin, 2012. SERVICING MAINTENANCE Alarm system servicing is recommended to prevent any annoying faults or false alarms. All alarm systems are fitted with a back up battery to power the system in the event of a power failure. The battery needs to be checked and equipment serviced yearly. This check […]

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  • CCTV City Safe in Dunedin

    City Safety Cameras (CCTV) The DCC has City Safety cameras operating in the Octagon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Images are recorded constantly, and busy times such as Friday and Saturday nights are monitored by trained volunteers working under Police supervision. The objectives of the City Safety Camera programme are to: reduce […]

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