Papanui Club, Christchurch – A modern facility for members.

From the earthquake rises the Papanui Club, a modern facility in Christchurch.

From this

After the Christchurch, NZ, earthquake.

to this

After the Christchurch, NZ, earthquake the modern Papanui Club rises.

A Security Specialists Project Installation.

Security Specialists (Specs) were involved in the design and implementation of the security and access control system. It was designed to be functional as well as easy to use.

The design of the building did created challenges to designing a system that met the customer’s needs.

The solution of a CCTV system was a state of the art Geovision utilising the latest in IP camera technology.

Access control for the Gym allows customers to come and go as their busy life allows them using a designated access card which also records when they have visited. The security alarm is monitored by our 24 hour control room and the patrols respond to any alarm giving the committee the peace of mind their investment is well protected.

The installation was completed on time and on budget.