What is a Monitored Alarm Security System?

A monitored alarm system acts as a guardian while you’re away. All monitored alarm systems provided by Security Specialists are linked to our bureau based station, which is staffed by professional security experts 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Alarm monitoring provides you with additional security and peace of mind because it ensures immediate action is taken when the alarm is activated. A monitored alarm system not only offers added protection from burglary, it also helps when you need to obtain emergency support in the event of a fire, medical or personal duress situation.

How does the Monitoring Process work?

  1. If the security alarm is activated, your alarm will use your phone line/Internet Connection/cellular connection to send the details instantly to Security Specialists, who will respond as per your instructions.
  2. Security Specialists can identify the location of the alarm activation and determine if there are multiple activation’s, which can save you walking into a dangerous situation!
  3. If an alarm is triggered Security Specialists will immediately notify the appropriate emergency service and you or your nominated contact person/s (progressively working their way through your list of nominated contacts) to advise you of the situation.
  4. If you choose to have a patrolman respond, we will have a set of keys, so we can gain access to your home/business and reset the alarm, and make sure everything is as you left it.

Benefits of 24 Hour Monitoring.

In the event of alarm activation we notify the relevant people and agencies. We initiate personal safety response in hold ups, duress and medical emergencies at any time of the day and night.

Why use Security Specialists Monitoring Service?

  • Immediate action to your alarm being triggered.
  • Decrease the chance of a burglar ever choosing your home or business
  • Burglars know that a monitored alarm gets a quick response, so they don’t have time to hunt for valuables or make a mess.
  • Access to emergency services – police, fire or ambulance, via Security Specialists.
  • Ability to monitor smoke detectors and panic alarms, providing further peace of mind.
  • Optional guard call-out service as authorised by you.
  • Discounts on home insurance, available from many insurance companies.
  • No long-term contracts.
  • We keep our client to staff ratio at a level which optimises our service, giving you a much faster response!

The freedom of increased peace of mind.

Having a monitored alarm ensures you will also be notified of any technical problems with your alarm as soon as they occur. Daily reports from the monitoring station will inform us of problems experienced with your system such as a failure to perform a daily test, a low battery or the lack of supervision by a sensor. We will contact you immediately to ensure the situation is rectified prior to it becoming a significant problem.

The skills and knowledge of our licensed staff mean you can trust us to monitor your home security alarm system and provide you with added peace of mind.

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